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Friday, 25 January 2013

Britain: Still Stuck In The 19th Century.

It is hardly surprising that Europe looks at Britain with a wry smile. While they are tackling the problems of the 21st Century Britain is determindly trying to solve the problems of the 19th. The Midlothian Question still haunts Parliament, they are still obssessed with the size of the navy and sending gunboats to protect colonial possessions, poor people are still blamed for their poverty, the House of Lords is still unreformed and, most disastrous of all, they still have no understanding of economics. Apart from the unexplained disappearance of the Empire its as if the last 150 years never happened. All the lessons are now forgotten, pushed into obscurity by the dead hand of Britain's worst Prime Minister - Margaret Thatcher - and ignored by the present worst Prime Minister - David Cameron. Meanwhile the world's worst and least qualified economics minister - George Osborne - gleefully presides over an economy that is clinically dead and gripped by an unprecedented triple-dip recession and tells us there is no "Plan B." Not that there isn't another and better solution, its just that Osborne finds it difficult to think more than one thought at a time. Ed Balls has accused Cameron and Osborne of being "asleep at the wheel." He's wrong. They're not asleep - they're completely unconscious and happy to be so.

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