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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tories To Exempt Healtcare Companies From Paying Tax.

The government is considering exempting private healthcare companies from paying tax as they forge ahead with the privatisation of the NHS. And profits, once the NHS is privatised, are set to climb significantly as nurses wages and their subsequent pensions are to be forced down. Nurses pay is already under threat, ahead of privatisation, as weekend and unsociable hours enhancements are stopped so that Healthcare companies can cash in. Many hospitals are already running services on little more than skeleton staffing levels in order to make ends meet as the government deliberately starve them of funds while the Care Quality Commission has admitted that 17 hospitals are already operating at less than safe levels. In the meantime 999 control room staff are being paid bonuses of up to £250 to avoid sending ambulances out in order to save yet more money. The message is clear. The Tories are going to privatise the NHS and will reward their rich healthcare pals with juicy tax-free deals even as they withdraw healthcare from all but the wealthy. They are stealing our NHS and making us pay for the privilege.

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