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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Ranting Right Target Europe And The Working Poor.

The Tory Eurosceptic dingbats are crawling out of the woodwork as the time approaches for David Cameron to find something to say about Europe. What the motives of the right-wing ranters are is worth considering when what is at stake is the future prosperity of the country. The problem is, of course, that the Tory party couldn't give a toss about prosperity if it means the uppity peasants might benefit. The only prosperity that concerns them is their own and that is more dependent on banking than anything else. Trade for them is something undertaken by the hoipollei, those without inherited money to invest in arms, slum housing or grouse moors. What concerns them most is power - the power to frame laws that reduce workers and human rights. They will risk anything to make sure that the peasants do as they're told. Turning their backs on a market of 450 million people and an economy that produces 25% of the world's GDP on our doorstep is of little account. Not when they are far more interested in exporting Britain's industries and working class to China and India. They rave about the "red-tape" created by Europe, but think nothing of creating more when it suits them. They rave about "unelected bureaucrats" in Brussels, but don't turn a hair at changing the country fundamentally without a mandate themselves. It's a well known fact that the Tories hate all foreigners but what is becoming clearer every day is that they hate their own countrymen even more.

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