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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Vince Cable Labelled As "Socialist."

Adrain Beecroft, the Tories own pet fascist, has come out fighting today after Vince Cable described his plan to remove all worker's rights as "nonsense." Describing Cable as a "socialist" because he doesn't agree with his idiotic notions, Beecroft has also suggested that the Tories are being "held back" by their LibDems colleagues. That Beecroft is a moron is clearly demonstrated by this statement since, without the LibDems, the Tories would have been out on their ears months ago and, indeed, would never have been able to form a government in the first place. “I think people find it very odd that Vince Cable in charge of business and yet appears to do very little to support business,” Beecroft told the "Telegraph". Strangeley enough the "News in Shorts" thinks it odd that a tax-dodging bloodsucker whose company,, preys on the poor and vulnerable, should be advising government on worker's rights. "The Tories have privately been very supportive of my ideas," he also stated, but seemed strangely shy of admitting as much. Perhaps that's another nasty little surprise for us all if this bunch of crooks, spivs and conmen ever actually win a general election.

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