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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Is Adrian Beecroft A Congenital Idiot?

Adrian Beecroft has finally laid out his plans to return Britain to feudalism. The tax-dodging millionaire who runs, the loan-shark outfit who prey on the poor, thinks that removing workers right and replacing it with a bully's charter is the way to end the recession. As part of the "frighten people so much that they are afraid to spend any money" school of economics, Beecroft seems to believe that underming people's sense of security will, in some unfathomable way, increase final demand and save the country from recession. Like most of his ilk he thunders on that business cannot thrive in an atmosphere of fear and insecurity and then does his best to increase fear and insecurity. Since this is clearly oxymoronic the only conclusion that can be drawn is that he is a frustrated bully, incensed by his inability to browbeat the weak with impunity. Why anyone would listen to a man driven insane by greed, as Mr.Beecroft clearly is, is one of those mysteries that can only be understood, though never explained, by a Tory. Instead of advising government this man should be in therapy or at least beaten with a heavy stick until he gets over it.

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