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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Tory Bullying In The Spotlight.

The extent to which the Tory party under David Cameron is little more than a gang of bullies has been thrown into sharp relief this weekend. Their policies in terms of the sick, the dying, the disabled and the unemployed are clear enough and it is to the eternal shame of Britain that more voices of protest have not been raised against it. However the extent to which Tories stand revealed for what they are began to become clearer in the report of employment law authored by Adrian Beecroft in which he outlined the case for bullying in the workplace in order for bad managers to hide behind those who work for them. More details were revealed of their tactics in the wake of the scandal over Baroness Warsi's expenses when Wafik Moustafa told reporters that not only did she not pay any rent to him for using one of his flats but that she had also vilified him in order to "to monopolise the Asian and Muslim voice...when the Conservative Arab Network (I) founded was told to severe its connections with the party and threatened with legal action by Baroness Warsi." "She doesn't want anyone taking the limelight. She's very obsessed about image," he added. Meanwhile it was revealed by the "Telegraph" today that the Tories have been orchestrating heckling of Ed Milliband in direct controvention of the 1693 rule against chanting and booing in the House. Cameron's recent embarassment over his "LOL" messages to Rebekah Brookes was a particular target for this with Tories being ordered to create "a wall of sound" to divert attention when the subject was brought up in parliament. However, they were also ordered to heckle Ed Milliband whenever he rises to speak, especially during PMQ's. Unable to rule except by trickery, knowing that their policies are unfair and inexcusable, unable to win the economic argument and unable to hide their true nature from the electorate, the Tories have reverted to type - spolit posh boys who regard everyone else with disdain.

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