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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Ian Duncan Smith Tries To Eat His Words.

Ian Duncan Smith, who prides himself on drawing far-reaching conclusions without the benefit of evidence, has been forced to retract statements he made about Remploy for fear that will show him up for the ignoramus he is. In comments to the Sunday Express he said; “Is it a kindness to stick people in some factory where they are not doing any work at all? Just making cups of coffee? I promise you this is better. Taking this decision was a balance between how much do I want to spend keeping a number of people in Remploy factories not producing stuff versus getting people into proper jobs.” Four sentences, all quite short, and not one grain of truth in any of them - its a record even for the most evil and stupid Tory in the cabinet. Appalled that even IDS could be so casually nasty Leighton Andrews, the Welsh Government Education Minister, hit back; “I have visited every factory in Wales, since the Tory closure announcement, so unlike Iain Duncan Smith I actually have a clear idea of the good work that goes on in many of these factories. It is not just the callousness of these remarks that are shocking - I would expect little else from this Government - it’s the ignorance behind the remarks that is really troubling." After calls for IDS to be sacked the thick-skinned Minister went on the defensive by pretending he never said it and by issuing a statement; "We believe that the best way to help disabled people into work is not to hide them away in factories but give them every assistance in supporting them into mainstream employment." So there you have it. Working in a factory is only for those who want to "hide away" and does not constitute real work according to this moron who has actually never done a real day's work in his life. Sacked? He should be publicly flogged.

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