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Thursday, 3 May 2012

China Owns Your Breakfast.

Having exported millions of jobs from the west to China, put us all in debt to them forever and allowed the balance of power to shift from the nominally democratic nations to a pitiless tyranny, we have capped it all by flogging them our breakfast. While the Chinese authorities persecute a blind man for telling the truth about them, our leaders are beating a path to their door begging for investment. Why? Is it because that, after all, humans are more productive if controlled by a centralised authority with no interest in human rights? Is it because democracy is, despite all its achievements, a weak system that cannot survive? No. It's because our political leaders are incompetent morons who wouldn't know a good idea if it bit them on the ass. Since the American Revolution in 1776 there has been a steady and rising tide of democracy across the world. It has survived wars of frightful intensity and emerged triumphant, it has survived economic depressions and then bounced back. It hasn't been a tale of unfettered progress, there have been problems with much soul-searching and terrible injustices that have taken far too long to address. So what is different this time? 1979 was a watershed year. It was the year that the stupid, the greedy and smugly self-satisfied were allowed to push their way to the front. Since then its been downhill all the way. We in the west have gone from a civilization that put a man on the moon, to a civilization that cannot even control its own bankers. What went wrong? Neoliberalism economics which has elevated the basest instincts to the level of policy and in which a man is now measured by the tickness of his wallet and not by the contents of his character. We live in a period of the Right Rampant, the lunacy that has somehow managed to persuade us all that widening disparity of income is a good idea - indeed the only idea. We have to sweep this nonsense aside before its too late and China gets its hands not only on Weetabix but on our Corn Flakes as well.

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