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Monday, 21 May 2012

Cameron Promises More Inequality.

David Cameron, keenly aware that time is running out for him and his Tory chums, has today made clear his determination to inflict as much damage on Britain as he can as fast as he can. Under the banner of "radical reform" the Tories are eager to remove all workers rights and replace them with a bully's charter, sweep away the principle of progessive taxation by imposing a flat 30% on everyone, rich and poor alike, and destroy the NHS in preperation for privatisation. The removal of worker's rights is being sold on the principle that it will take us out of recession. How someone being sacked simply because their face doesn't fit helps the economy they are at a loss to explain, but they are visibly foaming at the mouth to give themselves the right to destroy people's lives on a whim. The flat rate 30% tax idea demonstrates quite clearly where they want the country to go. The rich, avoiding 30% as they avoided 50% and are now avoiding 45%, while the poor get a tax hike of 50% to pay for it. Meanwhile the NHS is to be literally stolen by Andrew Lansley and chopped up into small manageable bite sized chunks for the benefit of corporate vultures who are slavering over the prospect of asset-stripping the last thing of value owned by the people of Britain. The process has already begun in Birmingham and Sandwell where paid staff are being replaced by the unemployed working for their benefits in order to reduce the wage bill to make its sale more attractive. Cameron is intent on turning Britain into a third world economy, with workers reduced to day labourers begging for the priviligege of paying taxes to keep the rich in their customary idleness. This will suit Cameron who already has the reputation for being the laziest Prime Minister this country has ever known.

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