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Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Truth About The Beercroft Report.

Our editor was able to get his hands on a copy of the Beercroft report today and, to say the least, it is a shocking document. Shockingly bad that it is. In the first place the report is just fifteen pages long and, surprisingly, contains no solid facts and figures or any kind of proof whatsoever. The reason is not difficult to find - all studies that have been carried out both here in Europe and in the United States demonstrate quite clearly that Beercroft is wrong. There is absolutely no evidence - none -that taking worker's rights off them aids productivity. In fact Germany has employment laws that are far more stringent than those in Britain and yet it has still managed to grow by 3% this last year which compares very favourably with our 0%. The only country in the western world that has less worker's rights is the United States and their performance, though better than Britain, is not particularly outstanding. Beercroft states that taking British worker's rights away would increase GDP by 5%. His proof? None, not one word, not one figure or statistic. In fact the document is nothing more than Beercroft's completely uninformed opinion and is based entirely on his prejudices, a view of the world as he would like it to be rather than as it is. As such it is a typical Tory document - long on simplistic opinion and short on any kind of evidence whatsoever. The Telegraph has reported today that nearly 80% of businessmen support Beercroft because they find worker's rights a "worry" when they seek to hire people. Oh dear, boo-hoo - pity the poor businessmen who have to face such "worries." Beercroft, after several months of what for him constitutes intensive effort, has managed to produce a document so thin it would shame a schoolchild and seems to be nothing more than a whinging complaint that he's not allowed to bully anyone he likes. A disgusting document, produced by a disgusting individual for a disgusting political party.

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