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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Corporate Vultures Plunder NHS Hospital.

In a deal that well illustrates the way in which capitalism has socialised debt while retaining private ownership of profit, Circle has pocketed £2 million pounds "profit" from Hinchingbrooke hospital while, at the same time, the public is left with an untouched £40 million debt. To explain this outrageous example of a private company plundering the resources of the NHS Circle sent Ali Parsa, their chief executive, into the BBC news studio to explain to us thickos why it was all a good idea. With a little smirk to denote his superiority over the union leader questioning the deal and with the help of the BBC interviewer, Parsa carefully explained that he has a perfect right to take public money for doing nothing in particular while the rest of us support his life of luxury. Basicslly all business is supposed to be a gamble. An entrpeneur takes his own money, perhaps borrows some form the bank if he's lucky, and then gambles that money on an idea. If it works he reaps the benefit. If it doesn't he faces the consequencies. Not so for Circle. If they get it wrong the public picks up the tab. If they get it right they pocket the profit and the public still picks up the tab. It's as if Circle was gambling on a horse race in which the result made no difference at all - win or lose they pocket lots and lots of lovely dosh while the public purse underwrites them. This is not capitalism this is theft, plain and simple. The defence of this outrageous piece of double-dealing is that the hospital doesn't make a "profit" despite the fact that no hospital is bloody-well supposed to. It is a SERVICE - get it? A National Health SERVICE, paid for by the taxpayer for the benefit of the taxpayer and not a playground for a bunch of tax-dodging corporate vultures whose only ineterest is taking tax payers money and stuffing it into their pockets with the minimum of effort.

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