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Monday, 10 February 2014

Will The Floods Sink The Tories?

Most of the world does not accept blood products from Britain because they fear that our blood supply is contaminated with CJD or mad cow disease. The reason for this is because Margaret Thatcher deregulated the food industry so her rich land-owning mates could make more money. Deregulation, in the wake of the banking crisis of 2008, is no longer in vogue but, nothing loath, the Tories have a new insane idea that they want to foist on the rest of us - austerity. The picture above illustrates all too well what austerity actually means. It means the very rich pay less in tax while public services are starved of funds, it means the rich get more and we get less - or so they hope. This was all going well while it was the inner-city poor, the unemployed, the sick and the disabled being targeted because they have no voice. Flooded river valleys are a very different kettle of fish however. This is where the moderately wealthy blue-rinse set hang out, those who tend to vote Tory on the basis that the nastiness won't affect them but might, just might, save them a few quid in taxes. Now the Tories, with no convenient poor people to blame, are turning on each other - pointing fingers in the hope that they can avoid personal responsibility. But the Tories and those stupid enough to vote for them cannot avoid responsibility for the floods. This is what tax cuts for the rich mean so you can either get used to it and move to higher ground, or you stop voting for greed and selfishness and start voting for a society that actually works. Its your choice.

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