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Monday, 17 February 2014

Uncounted Unemployed And Exploited Teenagers.

Iain Duncan Smith likes to talk in terms of his "mission", to parade his religious "beliefs" and compare himself to William Wilberforce. He pretends that his "tough love" approach to welfare is intended to liberate the poor and enable them to improve their lot. The truth is that he is a serial liar, a scrounger without any sense of shame and a hypocrite whose religious beliefs are a thin veneer for multiple acts of sheer evil. Let's begin at the beginning. Iain Duncan Smith lied on his CV when he became a politician, boasting that he had studied at the University of Perugia in Italy when he did not. He also lied about his rank in the army. When out of work briefly after leaving the army he deliberately mislead the DWP in order to claim money to which he was not entitled. Not that his time being unemployed was quite as traumatic as he would later claim since he was, at the time, married to the daughter of a Lord. As leader of the Tory party during their deserved "wilderness years" in the late 1990's Iain Duncan Smith was an abject failure and was eventually stabbed in the back by his own party who couldn't stomach him any more. Now he is the Minister at the DWP where he has unleashed a pogrom against the unemployed, disabled, sick and elderly unprecedented in Britain's political history. His attempt to create a universal credit, despite multiple warnings that it could never work, has been an unmitigated disaster. Despite assuring the electorate that it would be rolled out "on time and within budget" he has managed to do neither while he has also wasted millions on a junk computer system sold to him by one of his crooked mates. Worse yet it now turns out that the Tories much vaunted decrease in unemployment, apart from the usual massaging of the figures, is at least partly due to the DWP's "accidentally" forgetting to count those unemployed unfortunate enough to be on universal credit. Nor is IDS too keen to tell us about the teenagers that are now being forced to work in the sex industry or lose their benefits. Incompetent, evil, hypocritical, dishonest and corrupt - a typical Tory and a blight on the reputation of this country - a man in office only by virtue of his complete lack of virtues.

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