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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tory Plot To Murder The Poor And Elderly.

The Tory propaganda campaign to undermine the NHS and soften it up for privatisation has been revealed for all the see by the Channel 4 series "Despatches". Having set unrealistic targets for the NHS the Tories have then fined hospitals for not achieving them and, in the process, have effectively cut more than £1 billion from their budgets. Starved of funds these hospitals have even less chance of meeting the Tory targets and even more money is taken from them. This has provided the Tories with valuable propaganda as they manoeuvre the NHS towards the jagged rocks of privatisation and the waiting corporate healthcare sharks circling in anticipation. The Tories have already sold our most private healthcare records to their thieving corporate mates but their latest move beggars belief. The Tories are seriously suggesting that healthcare should only be available to those they deem "of benefit to society." The long-term sick, children, the unemployed and the elderly need not apply and, according to the evil Tories, should be allowed to die without the benefit of new drugs. This breaks the most basic principle of healthcare, "Primum non nocere" - First do no harm - recognised everywhere except, apparently, within the Tory party. Essentially the Tories are now openly proposing that only the rich should benefit from healthcare and, of course, they will be first in the queue since it is their most sacred principle that rich politicians are the most important people in the world. The Tories are already responsible for many deaths amongst benefit claimants and now look set to unleash the ATOS kangaroo courts on NHS patients as well. Murder might be too strong a word, but what other word can be used to describe this?

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