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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Socialism Resurgent In Tory Heartlands.

Socialism is enjoying an unexpected resurgence in the southern Tory heartlands where thousands are queuing up to get help from the rest of us in the wake of the flooding. People who wouldn't normally give a tinker's cuss for global warming or have a good word to say about the hard working poor on benefits because of starvation wages are now standing with their hands out begging for help. These are the same people who, just a couple of weeks ago, were glued to their TV sets to watch their prejudices confirmed by "Benefits Street." Now they are looking for benefits because of conditions that are beyond their control and suddenly a smaller less caring state looks less attractive. There are now calls for increased spending on flood defences in places where not a peep was heard about the scandal of food banks. Taxpayers money is now demanded by people who scant weeks ago were calling for tax cuts and a less generous state, content to see poor children reduced to destitution but now suddenly all concern for their own plight. A nation divided between the "have everything's" and the "have nothing at all's" was of no interest to them, smug and self-satisfied because of the money they had worked so hard to inherit. The question is should we help those who were happy to turn their backs on the rest of the country? The answer is quite simple. Yes, because despite the disdain they have showed in the last three years we remain better than they deserve. Because we believe that Britain is a community we should offer a helping hand to those less fortunate than ourselves. We should do it because it's the right thing to do even though come election time they will still vote for greed and selfishness.

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