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Monday, 10 February 2014

Iain Duncan Smith Outlines Scheme To Steal State Pensions.

As much of the country lies below sea level as a direct result of the Tory's "we don't want to pay any tax" policy, Iain Duncan Smith has been outlining his next criminal enterprise. Celebrating his success in persecuting the unemployed, the sick and disabled, IDS is now turning his attention towards to that other hated section of society - the old. The DWP Efficiency Review is "restricted" at the moment because IDS doesn't want the taxpayers to know what he's up to, but his aim is quite clear. Using the same old alibi of "saving" money, he wants to hand over the running of the pension service to his rich mates, confident that they will steal as much taxpayers money as possible, refuse to pay any tax on their gains and then return a nice big chunk of it to the Tory party in the form of "donations". Essentially then IDS's idea of "efficiency" is to efficiently transfer taxpayers money into the pockets of his wealthy pals and, ultimately, into Tory party coffers. Better yet the front-runners for taking on the juicy multi-million pound contracts are Capita, Serco or G4S, all of which are under investigation for defrauding the public. Meanwhile the right-wing Institute of Economic Affairs has come out in support of IDS's latest money-laundering scheme, telling us; "As life expectancy increases, the current system is unsustainable for both our children and grandchildren." Which, of course, is newspeak for "The current system is unsustainable if we are to give ourselves and our rich mates more tax cuts." Be warned, the Tories have your state pension in their sights and they will do anything to get their thieving hands on it.

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