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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Money An Object After All.

David Cameron has parked his wellington boots today in order to whisper about what he was bellowing yesterday. "Money", he told us when it comes to sorting out flooded Britain, "will be no object." Today, however, money has become an object once again as our part-time PM was forced to admit that there would be no new money and what there is will be both limited and difficult to access. Nor will the 500 flood defence workers being made redundant have a reprieve - after all what good will they do now? It seems that Cameron is convinced that a tissue of lies will be enough to plug the gap in Britain's flood defences and, in any case, are necessary if he's to give himself and his wealthy mates a nice tax cut this year. Tory voters in Somerset and the Thames Valley are now finding out what the rest of us already knew - Cameron is as contemptuous of Tory voters as he is of everyone else. No one is safe from his austerity campaign and they, despite their moderate wealth, are no better than the other peasants. Cameron's ideology is vicious, primitive and destructive and designed to shovel as much money as possible into the pockets of the super-rich at the expense of everyone else. There is no new money for flood defence because it has all fled to offshore bank accounts. The Tories are not governing Britain they are plundering it while Cameron is doing a creditable impression of King Canute.

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