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Friday, 7 February 2014

Tories Tackle National Emergency With Yet More Lies.

As Britain braces itself for probably the worst storm in living memory the Tory party have responded with their usual mixture of evasions, half-truths and outright lies. In the largely Tory voting Somerset the electorate, unaccustomed to budget cuts affecting them and wilfully blind to their favoured party's habit of lying through their teeth, are beside themselves with rage as their homes disappear beneath the flood waters. Like the rest of us, however, they are now being treated with the same contempt Cameron & Co have meted out to the unemployed, disabled and vulnerable. Unable to explain away why they have cut spending on flood defences they have instead produced a chart, shown above, that is deliberately misleading, hoping that those who are stupid enough to vote for them in the first place will be stupid enough to believe what they are now being told. Essentially the chart, which is supposed demonstrate how spending on flood defences compares well to other areas of government investment, is scaled in such a way that spending of £1 million appears to be little different to spending of £10 million. In fact, as the chart shows quite clearly, the Tories are spending far more money on "communications" (Tory speak for propaganda) than they are on flood defences which, if nothing else, shows everyone what their priorities actually are. As Sir Andrew Dilnot, the head of the UK Statistics Authority has written the chart gives a deliberately “false impression of the relative size of investment between sectors”. Or, as we would understand it, the Tories are lying to mask how their vicious cuts are damaging the country for no other reason than to allow for tax cuts for themselves and their rich mates.

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