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Monday, 1 July 2013

Why MP's Are Worth More Than The Rest Of Us.

The TV studios have been packed with MP's today explaining patiently to us thickos why they can't do anything to stop themselves getting a 10% pay rise. As Keith Vaz said with a smirk "This has nothing to do with us. Our pay is in the hands of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA)." David Cameron immediately announced that he wouldn't allow any pay rise before being reminded that he had no power to stop it. "Oh dear," he then said, "how unfortunate." So what's going on? IPSA, following its brief, has looked at MP's pay and, against a background of rising prices, has concluded that MP's need a 10% pay rise simply to maintain their standard of living. Within the narrow limits of their brief set by MP's this happens to be true. What these smug, self-serving bunch of crooks are not saying, however, is that what is true for them is also true for the rest of us. What would any of us give for an "independent" body that awards us pay increases based solely on need? How much more than 1% would a nurse get, for instance, if NHS pay was decided by a similar body. Yet again MP's are wringing their self-righteous hands and telling us "Nothing to do with me, mate" while trousering yet more of our money.

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