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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What Came First? The Tory Party Or Wealthy Freeloaders?

Lord Freud, yet another smug, self-satisfied Tory scrounger, has suggested that there is no connection between people being deliberately starved by the Tory party and the proliferation in the number of food banks. According to this dedicated freeloader on the public purse the number of food banks is increasing because the feckless working-class have an unlimited demand for free food. “It is difficult to know which came first," he told the House of Lords "supply or demand.” In other words he chooses to believe that poor people are claiming free food simply because food banks exist. The corollary would be that, if the food banks were closed, then the demand for free food would fall and that all this has nothing to do with poor people not having enough to eat. Lord Freud, having spent many years working as an investment banker - in other words in organised crime - was appointed in 2006 by the best leader the Tory party ever had, Tony Blair, to provide an "independent" review of the welfare system. In 2008 he primly told us; "We cannot have people simply loafing about, doing nothing and expecting the state to finance their lifestyles". Then, in 2009, he accepted a life peerage from the Tory party after joining their ranks officially, and suddenly expected that we, the taxpayers, would finance his lifestyle while he loafed about in the House of Lords and avoided paying tax on the money he steals from us. The real question that he should be asking is "What came first? The Tory party or wealthy freeloaders?"

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