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Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Tories Unbalanced Economy.

The Tories are very fond of fairy tales - the unemployed are all feckless, the disabled are all benefit cheats, the economy is just like a household budget and they are all about saving money. But these so-called "ideas" are actually nothing more than half-baked prejudices that allow narrow-minded morons such as Iain Duncan Smith to declare that facts are nothing when compared to his "beliefs." In fact IDS unwittingly summed up the totality of Tory ideology and the extent of their blind arrogance. That is how the completely unwarranted "reform" of the NHS, far from saving money, has led to profligate spending amounting to £1 billion with no discernible improvements to the service whatsoever but with considerable damage inflicted upon it. Essentially this money is nothing more than the start-up costs for a new business provided by the taxpayer while the business itself is to be handed over to private enterprise with no charge. The same can be said for the new gas fracking industry which will benefit from tax breaks courtesy of the public purse. It would seem that not only are private losses to be covered as in the case of the banks, but so is the investment needed to get profitable businesses off the ground in the first place. Entrepreneurs are supposed to take risks and reap the rewards if those risks pay off, they are supposed to invest their money and be prepared to lose that investment if they are mistaken. When our government uses our money to invest in business and then uses even more of our money to cover any losses even as profits remain private, this is not entrepreneurship it is fraud pure and simple. The Tories claim that all they are doing is "encouraging" investment in Britain. But since when have energy companies needed any encouragement to help themselves to the Earth's resources in order to make huge profits or healthcare companies to profit from other people's misery? Little wonder then that since the Tories seized power in 2010 state borrowing has mushroomed while we get poorer and poorer and big business gets richer and richer. The British taxpayer has become an involuntary investor in business without any hope of reward but in the certainty that any losses will be covered by us.

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