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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Britain Now Officially A News Free Zone.

Simon McCoy, reporting for the BBC, summed it all up quite neatly when reporting on the Royal birth - Britain has become a news free zone. With nothing to report and thoroughly fed up with standing in front of a London hospital for no good reason, his grumpy coverage was the only authentic voice to be heard on the BBC all day. As other reporters gushed uncontrollably and wittered on about utter nonsense he was the only one asking the question we should all be pondering - why are we all watching this pap? Is it because we need a diversion from the awful reality of Cameron's Britain? If so we've been diverted from it quite a bit lately what with the Olympics, the Jubilee, the Ashes and now the Royal birth. Is the BBC really so inane and irrelevant that it simply couldn't help itself? If so then every other news gathering service seem blighted by the same shortcomings. No, the real reason for the sickening national outpouring of sheer mindless adulation seems to point to a much deeper malaise in the British people. Nosey by nature and educated to be deferent, news about the Royal family seems to provide the nation with all the information it needs or can handle. Why worry about poverty and inequality when we can all become gooey-eyed over the birth of yet one more over-privileged and ornamental individual destined for a life of unlimited luxury at taxpayers expense? Of course the politicians love this sort of rubbish. For the Tories it allows them to do something really despicable while no one is looking. For Labour it means getting one day closer to the General Election without having to say too much about their non-existent policies. For the LibDems it means very little - which suits them because they too mean very little. The rest of us, however, have no excuse.

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