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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Rewarding And Repeating Failure - The Tory Way.

Now let's get this straight once and for all. The crash in 2008 was the result of three decades of the banks lying, cheating and inflating a property bubble that they knew would one day pop. They did it deliberately and without any regard for the consequences as each individual working in the sector calculated that they could enrich themselves before the whole thing went tits up. It was a criminal enterprise pure and simple and, under normal circumstances, would have led to wholesale arrests for corruption and lengthy prison sentences. That it didn't is due entirely to the fact that our politicians were complicit in the crime and had often directly benefitted from it. So the banks were saved from facing the music using money stolen from ordinary people, with money in other words lifted from the victims of the crime. The Labour party, like political parties across the globe, had gone along with the neoliberal crime spree because they were convinced that the likes of Margaret Thatcher and other supposed miracle workers had won the economic argument. But it was all a colossal confidence trick, a means for those driven insane by greed to steal as much as they could. When the crisis hit in 2008 Britain, like many other countries, appeared to be doing well with a healthy economy and enough cash to be generous to its own citizens. When the crisis hit politicians across the world were caught completely by surprise because, by and large and despite many warnings, they had been too stupid or too wilfully blind to see what had been going on. Finally revealed for the crooks that they were the banks did the only thing they could - they put a pistol to their own heads and told the rest of us, "Stop, or I shoot." So our politicians rescued the banks believing they had no choice if they were to avoid a global financial meltdown. All this is known but the question remains, what has been learned. Nothing apparently, at least by the Tory party which has gone to great lengths this week to defend the idea that greed is good and that the neoliberal economic mumbo-jumbo is still the only way. Worse yet it has been revealed that, since 2008, pay for bankers has risen by 35%. The criminals then are still in charge and are being aided and abetted by that criminal organisation known as the Tory party. The price for all this is the shameful rise in the numbers of ordinary people having to rely on food banks, less and less security for ordinary working people, the theft and sale at knock-down prices of publicly owned assets and the wholesale murder - there can be no other word for it - of pensioners as they succumb to the cold unable to afford winter heating bills. Voting Tory kills and guarantees nothing better than worse to come as they and their rich pals grab all the lifeboats and leave the rest of us thrashing about in the ice cold water.


  1. So what's the solution? Vote for Labour just one more time and all will be well again. LMFAO!

  2. Well, I suppose we could do what you want and vote for no one. Then we get five more years of the Tories. God, your intelligent approach to this leaves me speechless! Moron.

  3. Some people may say that the unintelligent approach would be to do the exact same as we have always done, but expect a different outcome.

    So tell me this, what major policies would labour adopt if they got into power next time which they didn't already have during the three terms they were in power before?

  4. Ah, quoting Albert Einstein at me. What major policies would Labour adopt? I don't know since I am not a member of their inner councils. However, I think they will be as radical as we allow them to be and the Tories, God bless 'em, will scandalise the electorate to such a degree that they will be more radical than many expect. I presume form you comments that you either a Tory troll, attempting to put people off voting Labour, or an anarchist in which case your opinions are both irrational and utterly irrelevant.