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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Is Boris Johnson The Most Odious Buffoon On The Planet?

The annual Margaret Thatcher lecture has long been the venue for the swivel-eyed loony right to express their most outrageous and idiotic ideas. This year it was delivered by Boris Johnson who took the opportunity not only to show how stupid he and his fellow Tories are but also to demonstrate how odious they can be. Declaring that envy and greed were the only foundations for economic expansion, he went on to tell his appreciative audience that the poor were poor because they are too stupid to be anything else. Apart from displaying a complete ignorance of how capitalism works by misunderstanding the concept of demand, Boris also managed to completely forget that most rich people are rich not because of their outstanding intelligence but because most of them inherited their money. Boris himself is an outstanding example of this since it is quite unlikely he would amount to a row of beans without his inherited money and his access to the privileges that this has bought him. Under normal circumstances he would be regarded as an ignorant buffoon. As a major player in the Tory party, however, he ceases to be a harmless idiot and is transformed into an evil clown. This is what the Tory party does - it elevates the moronic to positions of influence simply because they have money and turns their most idiotic ideas and basest prejudices into policy. By these means they destroy our society, undermine our most successful institutions, wreck our future and reduce the vast majority of us to the level of serfs. They are a shameful blight on this country, a drain on our economy that we can no longer afford and represent a streak of lunacy amongst us that harms the very vitality of the country. It is time for us to be rid of them.

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