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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tories Plot To Steal State Pensions.

While millionaire Tory MP's are claiming over £5,000 a year on expenses to pay the energy bills on their second homes George Osborne's favourite right-wing think tank, the Policy Exchange, is plotting to steal our state pension. They are trying to defend this by pretending that the state pension is a benefit. It is not - we pay for it throughout our entire working lives and are lucky if we live long enough to get back even a small portion of what we've paid in. The real reason for this move is that Tories don't like paying tax and are willing to pauperise or even kill as many ordinary people as it takes to get what they want. Having taken our money they now want to divert it to fund even more tax cuts for themselves. Not content with fraud they are now willing to contemplate outright theft, not content with pauperising ordinary people they now want us destitute. They have declared war on their own citizens - the people they are supposedly paid to protect. They can, therefore, no longer be regarded as a political party but must now be seen for what they are - a criminal organisation dedicated to greed and utter selfishness. The Tories seem to want to take the gloves off. Let them do so and then we, the electorate, can give them such a kicking at the next general election in 2015 that they will never recover. They need to be smashed so completely that they will never again rise to threaten this country with their own brand of state terrorism.

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