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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Voting Tory Kills.

Since the Coalition government came to power three years ago the number of elderly people admitted to hospital suffering from hyperthermia has risen by a staggering 40%. This shameful statistic starkly demonstrates the level of sheer barbarity to which Britain has sunk since the Tories seized power by the back door in 2010. The poor, especially the elderly poor, are the hapless victims not only of rapacious and greedy energy companies who are quite willing to kill for profits but also of a government policy of austerity designed to save criminal bankers and the property values of the rich. There can be no doubt that the Tories are deliberately sacrificing people on the altar of their all-consuming greed and have elevated selfishness to the level of a political philosophy. The government, far from being ashamed of themselves, continue to preach austerity for us and unlimited riches for themselves as if this represents a force of nature instead of a deliberate and calculated act of barbarism. Worse yet they have noted the profits made by their unscrupulous pals in the banks, payday loan and energy companies and have devised ways to rake in the cash themselves. No longer satisfied with relying on the bribes they receive from big business and which they smugly describe as "donations" or the juicy tax cuts they have allowed themselves, they have decided to steal from the poor by more direct means. Iain Duncan Smith - who else? - has installed 0845 premium rate phone lines at the DWP so that those applying for crisis loans, maternity allowance, benefits and help finding work have to pay through the nose for help from this shameless and greedy government. In one of the most shocking instances of the DWP deliberately ripping off the public, more than 150,000 people alone were charged a top rate to ring the DWP's Bereavement Benefit number. What kind of government is it that allows elderly pensioners to die unnecessarily and deliberately steals from the poor, the vulnerable and the bereaved? A Tory government that's who.


  1. Oh come on dont be so naive, This is just part of the global WARmists plan, increase energy costs so it becomes unafordable, of course this policy is going to effect the weakest first. AGW is not a zero sum game, these green Marxests and their merry band of foolish followers, plan is to save the plannet by killing a few billion of us useless eaters.

  2. Afraid you've lost me on this particular swivel-eyed conspiracy theory. Are you saying that this is all a conspiracy of the green lobby to kill people and remove them as consumers? If so I hate to point out that it is the Tories in power and not the Green party.

  3. Name calling is the lowest form of argument but that's not the point. I'm saying that if their is political consensus (Green, Red, Blue) to implement energy saving policies and specific energy related taxes, of course higher energy prices will affect those at the bottom end of the social and pay scale first.

    There is no point in debating with you whether AGW is real or not because the intelligent free thinking individual knows the answer to that one already.

  4. Energy Prices to Sky Rocket (Shock Horror, you don't say LOL)

    Cap & Trade (Brought to you by the lovely UN Agenda 21 program)

    Murder on the Agenda (More shock, you don't say, surely pure conspiracy)

    “In order to save the planet it would be necessary to kill 350,000 people per day.”
    Jacques Cousteau UNESCO Courier 1991

    I could go on and on and on and on and on. But I doubt you'd be prepared to open your mind to it all.

  5. Ah, a complete idiot masquerading as some one who "knows" something hidden from the rest of us. Am I open-minded? Yes, but not so open-minded that my brains have fallen out. You claim to be intelligent but I have seen nothing so far that would support such a claim. Don't tell me, you're one of those who attended the university of life or some such garbage. An idiot you are, an idiot you will remain.

  6. All you ever do is revert to name calling. On the Graham's hierarchy of disagreement name calling (DH0) is the lowest form. The highest and the one which carries the most weight is DH6 'refuting the central point' Why don't you try refuting what I am saying rather than name calling?

    I'd say most people can see what is in front of their noses, which is that government policies supported by Labour and Conservative is to reduce carbon emissions via increasing taxes, both direct and indirect. Your precious Labour party is just as culpable as the others. And as for proof, everyone can see that fuel prices are increasing, this is not hidden I don't profess to 'know' anything that what is plainly obvious and even a simple search for historical natural gas prices can see they have been in decline since 2008 and are now the lowest they have been for years.

    The conclusion being that government policies due to AGW are helping to drive up retail gas prices.

    So are you going to revert to name calling again or have a serious attempt at refuting the central point that Labour is just as culpable as the rest?