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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Know Your Political Masters.

George Osborne appeared on the Andrew Marr Show today to tell us all why his manufactured house price bubble is not a bubble, why energy prices can't be frozen while pensioners can and why austerity has to last for ever. It's all because his "recovery" is dependent on these things while Labour threatens this because they want to borrow more. Apart from an unintentional slip when he admitted that the crash of 2008 was the fault of the banks and not Labour, it was a strange argument since he was telling us on one hand that the "recovery" was only for a selected segment of the country since it is austerity forever for the rest of us. His economic measures, he tells us with a straight face, have protected our credit rating and this has enabled his to borrow more in the last three years than Labour did in the entire thirteen years of their government. So, it is clear that borrowing to benefit the already wealthy is good while borrowing to benefit ordinary people is bad. As for the latest Osborne-created property price bubble the explanation for that is, mercifully, quite straightforward. Increasing house values is counted as part of Britain's Gross National Product and underpins Osborne's so-called "recovery". Of course houses haven't suddenly become more productive and begun to earn more because they are working harder. Their increasing value is pure fiction and that tells you everything you need to know about Osborne's "recovery." So, when you strip out the utter bilge, evasions and downright lies what is Osborne and his "recovery" all about? The clue lies in those who bankroll the Tory party, the men whose "donations" are the grease that keeps the Tory wheels turning and the men who call the shots. Men like David Rowland, the property tycoon; Michael Farmer, hedge fund manager; Henry Angest, banker; Michael Hintze; hedge fund manager; Murdoch McLennan, Chief Executive of the Telegraph Media Group. Bankers, financiers, property developers and the right-wing media. And that is why Tory policy is austerity for us forever and unlimited goodies for an already wealthy elite whose chief talent lies in "avoiding" tax. Just so you know who to tug the forelock for.


  1. Sorry to spoil your fun but your diatribe was a little unfair and you seem to be lacking in short term memory.


  2. Once again you've lost me on that one. Do you have a serious point to make or are you simply running off at the mouth again?