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Sunday, 15 December 2013

What Is Iain Duncan Smith Afraid Of?

The most evil man in British politics seems to be getting a bit scared nowadays. His job, because of his own incompetence, is under threat and Parliament is beginning to ask some very awkward questions about the huge amounts of money he's wasted on his idiotic and insane policies. According to several witnesses, however, IDS's fears now seem to extend to the threat of assassination. On Monday he appeared before the parliamentary Work and Pension’s Committee to explain his many crimes against the people of this country and, it would seem, he was accompanied by several bodyguards including at least four armed with automatic weapons. These weapons, it was said, were raised and pointed at a group of disabled people who were there to give evidence to the committee. It is well known that IDS is evil, arrogant and universally loathed by all civilised people in this country, but is assassination a credible threat? Is it likely that a disabled victim of his vicious and nasty prejudices might rise from his or her wheelchair and smite him to the ground? It is perhaps credible that one of the growing army of unemployed might give it a go or, perhaps, an able-bodied relative of one of the people he's killed with his callous and vicious crusade to reduce his tax bill and stuff his pockets with blood money. The reality, I'm afraid, is that this country's most accomplished and dedicated scrounger is merely demonstrating that he is mentally unstable, driven insane by his own greed probably, and that he is not fit for public office. It's about time this dangerous man was sectioned for his own safety and for the safety for all the vulnerable people in Britain who he seems determined to eradicate.

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