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Monday, 9 December 2013

Iain Duncan Smith: “No one has got hurt and that’s the important point."

Iain Duncan Smith made a grudging confession today that he has written off £34 million of taxpayers money on a botched IT system that everyone warned him wouldn't work. Tech journalists working for "Computer Weekly" were less forgiving and predicted that most if not all of the £303 so far invested in the project will be lost. Meanwhile ATOS has been exposed as a target-driven bunch of amateurs who have deliberately targeted the most vulnerable in society in order to deliver the "savings" that IDS has demanded of them. Thousands of sick, disabled and terminally ill people have been left destitute while many have died still fighting to have reinstated the benefits wrongfully taken from them so that the Tories could fund tax breaks for their rich mates. Yesterday Kent County Council produced a report that crime, homelessness and hunger were all on the rise in the most prosperous area of the country and directly blamed Duncan Smith's policies. The only thing that was declining was income it added. The report was promptly suppressed by Paul Carter the Tory leader of the council. While children are literally starving in this country, sick people are being told to take jobs that don't exist and pensioners are afraid to turn on the heating, Iain Duncan Smith could only claim that; “No one has got hurt and that’s the important point." No one except the sick, the disabled, the unemployed, the elderly and the taxpayer. In other words no one of any importance to a Tory party that has shot past "nasty" and gone directly to "murderous."

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