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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Cameron Has "Little Black Book" Of Really Nasty Policies.

David Cameron has spoken today of his frustrations at having to govern within a coalition and his hope that, after 2015, he'll be able to be as vicious and nasty as he likes. He has, he maintains, "a little black book" of all the policies that even the two-faced Lib Dems couldn't stomach. Generally these "policies" consist of beating the poor to death with a stick while rewarding the greedy and selfish for outstanding success in being greedy and selfish. "We need to get our economy moving," he told the Spectator Magazine, though he neglected to mention in which direction. One thing he is certain of is that the poor, the elderly, the unemployed and the sick will pay for his "reform" of the British economy while criminal bankers, greedy utility executives and various other hyenas of the business world will be the chief beneficiaries. His short-sighted and insane policies are now being trailed using the usual evasive and misleading language that Tories love so much - "more radical action on welfare reform, Europe, the Human Rights Act and support for enterprise". In other words the disadvantaged will be further disadvantaged while legal barriers that have so far limited Tory viciousness will be removed even as those showing "enterprise", or criminal behaviour as the rest of us would regard it, are to be rewarded yet again. Cameron is not laying out any political manifesto that most people would recognise but a blueprint for a crime spree unparalleled in British history. The Tory party is no longer a political party in the accepted sense, it is now nothing better than an organised crime syndicate and should be regarded as such.

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