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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Are The Tories Single-Minded, In Two Minds, Or Just Out Of Their Minds?

The Tory spin doctors are out in force at the moment rotating like swirling Dervishes as they try to make sense out of their policies. After deliberately re-inflating the property bubble to try and get the moribund British economy at least to appear as if it is still breathing, George Osborne has been declaring to anyone stupid enough to listen that the "recovery" is "well-balanced and solidly based." What he appears to mean is that it is well-balanced between private debt, the national debt, imaginary house prices and consumer spending inspired by low interest rates that discourage saving. One thing is for sure and that is the Institute for Fiscal Studies has found that Osborne's bizarre claim that "living standards are rising" is utter bilge. Meanwhile David Cameron is busily engaged jumping on the "Nelson Mandela was a God" bandwagon even as Norman Tebbitt reminded us all that Margaret Thatcher was "quite right to regard Mandela as a terrorist" and right to completely ignore the anti-Apartheid movement. Then there is the very quietly announced reversal of policy regarding defence procurement which, it would seem, will not be privatised after all. This follows on the from the abandonment of plans to privatise the prison service after it was discovered that G4S and Serco are simply too crooked to look after fellow criminals. Yet, while private industry is not good enough to protect the Tories against the criminal classes or against foreign enemies, they remain perfectly good enough to fleece the rest of us as far as energy and transport costs are concerned. The problem seems to be that Tory ideology keeps butting up against the real world which remains stubbornly indifferent to its idiotic and destructive beliefs.

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