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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Lord Of The Scroungers.

The Tories, they would have us think, are very concerned with freeloading scroungers and believe that it is they that are bringing Britain to the brink of destruction. They are quite right of course, except their attention seems to be fixated in the wrong direction. While the whole benefits budget is seven times less expensive to the country than corporate tax dodging, benefit fraud itself represents a tiny drop when compared to the ocean of corporate corruption. The Tories, however, don't even need to look that far afield for bone idle scroungers - they need only look within their own ranks. Paul White, the Tory Lord Hanningfield, thinks nothing of turning up at the House of Lords every day, pocketing his £300 in expenses and then catching the next train back home. He's already served a nine month prison term in 2011 for fiddling £28,000 on his expenses but, naturally, that wasn't considered serious enough for him to lose his peerage. Nor is his latest scam considered to be "outside the rules" of the House of Lords since scrounging is not only tolerated - it is considered to be a right. Lord Hanningfield maintains that he could name at least 50 other peers who do the same thing and defends himself by claiming that it costs him £150 per day in expenses (which he actually claims back) and that, therefore, he doesn't "really make any profit." The Lord obviously has a rather elastic view of what constitutes a profit since pocketing £300 on an investment of £150 is actually a 100% profit. Worse yet he see's this scrounging as "therapy" for the "trauma" he experienced after being caught fiddling the first time around. Like many of our so-called "betters" Lord Hanningfield is a confirmed and serial scrounger who sees fraud as business as normal. That is why Britain is in the state it is - not because of the unemployed, the sick and the disabled as the Tories would have us believe, but because of the crooks, spivs and conmen who form a large proportion of the ruling elite.

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