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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Is Osborne "Finishing The Job" Or Just Finishing The Country?

George Osborne's Autumn Statement today is being billed as a blueprint for how he intends to "finish the job." Churchillian phraseology aside, essentially it was a road map laying out the route from the early 21st century back to the mid 19th where the Tories would like the country to be. The welfare state will be largely phased out while retirement age, for ordinary people at least, will eventually rise to 70. The message is clear - work for less money, work with fewer rights and work until you drop. His excuse for this is that Britain can no longer afford the luxury of running its affairs in the interests of its own people but must be changed to make it more amenable for the wealthy off-shore account holding elite who pretend to live in various tax havens across the world. If Osborne succeeds in his crusade to save the rich they will soon no longer need to park their money abroad or even pretend to live in Belize since they will no longer have to pay any tax at all in Britain itself. That is what Osborne means by "finishing the job." What he actually means is finishing the country as we've known it and replacing it with a Tory dystopia safe for bankers and already wealthy scroungers, like himself, to live in. This is not an economic blueprint intended to sketch out Britain's road to recovery, it is a battle plan and ordinary British citizens are the designated enemy. Eternal austerity, the wet dream of the Tory party, is not a road to recovery, it is the road to a desperate, sterile and stagnant future for the vast majority of us.

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