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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Why British Children Must Starve.

The changes to benfits in Britain have one inevitable consequence that can neither be avoided nor brushed under the carpet - more than half of British children will condemned to live below the breadline by 2015 according to the Joseph Roundtree Foundation. While David Cameron and his cabinet colleagues continue to do very well thank you, the true meaning of his famous phrase "we're all in this together" is becoming increasingly clear. He and his Tory pals are continuing to enrich themselves while the majority of British children are literally facing starvation. They continue to tell us that "there is no alternative" and, from their point of view, this is absolutely true. If they are to keep their fortunes intact the disastrous economic system that plunged the world into crisis must be saved. And, in order to achieve these two aims, the poor must pay. Austerity is not about saving the country, it is about saving an economic system that delivers only for the already wealthy. It is about rolling back the welfare state so the rich won't have to pay taxes and their fortunes can be preserved in the face of an economic meltdown that they and their rich mates caused in the first place. Under those circumstances the health of the economy is neither here nor there and, despite the meaningless rhetoric of the Tories, Britain now languishes in 158th place out of 184 countries in terms of growth. Put quite simply the Tories have no plans for and no interest in growth. That, in turn, explains why George Osborne has the reputation of being only a "part-time Chancellor." Nor is this label confined only to those on the left since even his own constituents see him that way and, as a poll by ComRes has discovered, more than 80% of them believe he's far too interested in the Tory party's preperations for the 2015 election to think too much about the economy. This is what Toryisn means - selfishness and greed raised to the level of policy and the Devil take the hindmost.

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