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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Cypriot Government Steals Savings.

If you have ever wondered how far a government will go in order to save the banks from themselves then look no further than Cyprus. The government there has negotiated a 10 billion Euro loan from the EU to bail out their criminal bankers and, to get it, they have levied a 10% tax on all savings. Cypriots and expats immediately rushed to the cash points to remove their money only to find that they were allowed only to remove 90% of it. The Cypriot government had not only literally stolen their money, they had also made secret plans to prevent savers from removing it in advance of the news breaking. In Britain the Tories are persecuting the vulnerable and making the poor even poorer while attempting to steal the NHS in order to flog it off to the highest bidder. Meanwhile the Lords are cutting the wages of their waiters so they can continue to enjoy the best food available at the lowest cost to themselves. Across Europe this is what "we're all in it together" means. Money is being diverted to the already wealthy, assets are being stolen, the rich are getting even richer and a new world is being made fit for criminals and their political lapdogs to live in. These so-called politicians are making a mockery of the word democracy and are trampling to concept of the sovereignty of the people in the dirt. There is no crime they won't contemplate, no swindle they won't try and no lie they won't tell to save themselves, their money and their privileges.

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