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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Cameron Takes Out His Tory Phrasebook.

David Cameron took out his Tory phrasebook today and wrote a piece for the "Telegraph" that manages to be both insincere and unbelievable at the same time. Plagarising a few Churchillian-type phrases such as "the Battle for Britain" Cameron set out, in his usual smug and self-satisfied style, to persuade us that were still "all in this together." He even had the sheer brass neck to claim that the Tories were the only party who really wanted to protect the NHS. More mystifying still the most right-wing and vicious Prime Minister in living memory told us that he refused to "lurch to the right." Lurch to the right? Where would that put him if he did? Lecturing Ghengis Khan for being too soft? Even more astonishing is his "wish list" by which people will "be able to look back at this government and see that we paid down our debts, helped create millions of jobs, sorted out welfare, made our schools world-beating and built homes for a generation." Apart from flogging off the NHS and ending any kind of welfare for anyone he has done none of these things and there is no sign that he ever intends to. Cameron, far from creating some mythical political legacy, is being crushed in a vice of his own making. Hated by a large section of the British population for being what can only be described as a lying, self-serving piece of Etonian scum, he has also managed to annoy his own party by not being Nigel Farage. The "Telegraph", quite sensibly, allowed no public comment on the story but feel free to comment on this piece if you like.

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