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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cameron Backs The Gutter Press.

Cameron has once again shown his true colours today and its yellow not blue. Having stated that he would impliment Leveson in full "as long as its not completely bonkers" he has gradually shifted his ground, squirmed and now has completely weasled out of his promise. His reasoning is not difficult to understand, especially after Rupert Murdoch invited Nigel Farage to dinner - he is a craven coward who would rather see a million Millie Dowler's having their phones hacked rather than risk having the press say something nasty about him and the bunch of crooks known as the Tory party. His word is valueless, his promises hollow and his actions completely reprehensible. He has betrayed the British people at every turn and has proven beyond all doubt that his only political principle is "I'm all right Jack." His record speaks for itself. He has done nothing to rein in the banks, has broken the British economy to protect his money and that of his rich mates, has strained every muscle to flog off the NHS to those same rich mates, has wrecked the British education system and has now crawled into bed with the lowest of the low. No better than scum floating atop the fetid pond of British politics, this man is unfit to be Prime Minister and should be removed from power before he inflicts yet more damage on the country.

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