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Sunday, 17 March 2013

George Osborne Smarms The BBC.

In one of the easiest interviews ever seen on the BBC, the Andrew Marr Show basically invited George Osborne to tell us all what a wonderful person he is. An easy ride hardly describes the interview during which Osborne told us all, again, that "there is no alternative" and, with a straight face, told us that the NHS is "safe in Tory hands." On the vexed question of what was happening in Cyprus he assured us it couldn't happen here - probably the best reason to grab our money before he does given his loose association with the truth. He then went on the assure us that British service personnel in Cyprus would be compensated by the British government. In other words the bill will be passed on to you and me, the taxpayers, and, in effect, the Cypriot bank levy is now being partly funded by us. Commentators reacted with suprise at this, telling us that Osborne had reacted swiftly to "reassure" us all. Too swiftly in the opinion of The News In Shorts since this suggests that Osborne must have known all about it in advance. It looked as if things might improve when Ed Balls and George Osborne were then interviewed together on the sofa. The BBC allowed enough time for Osborne to get his highly innacurate jibe in that it was all Labour's fault, before suddenly switching to a group playing a song "for St.Patrick's Day." The irony was that the song was entitled "Taking Us Back To Where We Started." The message was clear - George Osborne has to be treated with kid gloves because he can't stand up to close questioning and the BBC were offering their thanks for the Tory betrayal of Leveson.

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