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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Torry Ideology Continues To Destroy The Economy.

What is ideology? In a modern political context ideology is the thing that politicians use instead of brains. For the Tories it has another use however - it provides an alibi for policies that even they must know damage the country. The reason they use it to cover their blushes is beacuse it serves their interests and allows them to pretend that they aren't really being completely selfish and self-serving. "Everyone knows that private industry is more efficient," they claim even as companies like G4S continue to be utterly useless at everything they do. A more recent example of this is the awarding of the East Coast rail franchise to a private company despite the line flourishing under public ownership for the last three years and after the previous owners, National Express, made a complete pig's ear of it. As Bob Crow so succinctly put it; "This is a politically inspired wrecking move designed to flog off this publicly-owned intercity route before the next election regardless of the consequences." Criticism has also been levelled at the Tories latest piece of nonsense involving loan guarantees to would-be home buyers. Seemingly designed for the rich to buy second homes using tax payers money, the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR)has pointed out that the only likely outcome of the scheme is to drive up house prices even further. Considering the property portfolios of the Tory party in general and Tory MP's in particular this comes as no surprise since the good of the country always comes a poor second to their bank balances. It is axiomatic that the Tories always try to cash in whenever they manage to grab power, but the extent to which Britain's national interest is taking second place to the Tory party's greed and selfishness is even raising eyebrows across the Atlantic. Former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers has told the BBC that Tory economic policy seems to defy logic, while austerity is obviously not working and is so counter-productive that even the most idiotic must know it by now. Of course the Tories are not idiotic - selfish, greedy and utterly vicious yes, but not idiotic. For them the world recession is an opportunity to plunder what is left of the national economy, an excuse to shrink the state so they don't have to pay taxes and to flog off national assets to themselves through various proxies. Their ideology, such as it is, is nothing more than a thin vaneer disguising their essential lack of patriotism and their criminal tendencies.

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