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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Cameron's Plan To Win The Next Election.

David Cameron has watched the US Presidential election with great interest and has drawn some very profound conclusions about his own electoral prospects. Barak Obama has done all that he can to support and stimulate the US economy, he's put his neck on the block to champion the cause of poor Americans and created a healthcare system that most commentators regarded as impossible. In Britain Cameron has done everything he can to suck demand out of the economy, has vilified and persecuted the poor, the disabled and the unemployed and has done his level best to destroy the best healthcare system in the world. Today he has announced that Obama's victory lights the way towards a Tory victory in 2015. "I even noticed in his [Obama's] Tweet he said 'We're all in this together' so there's some commonality," he tells us without a trace of irony. The difference is that Obama means it whereas, for Cameron, its simply a slogan - cheap words devoid of any reality. While Obama stood against the Republican's wish to lower taxes for the rich, Cameron has no other policy but tax cuts for the rich. Obama is seeking to inspire his people while Cameron is seeking to mislead his. So what can we expect from Cameron in the run-up to the General election in 2015? Lies, pure and simple. Like his pledge that "the NHS is safe in our hands" and "there will be no top down reform of the NHS", he will speak the words but will do the exact opposite as soon as he gets a majority. He'll take Obama's words, use them to his own advantage and twist them beyond all recognition. Be warned - this man intends to do you severe harm, he's Mitt Romney trying to disguise himself as Barak Obama.

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