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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Crooked Coalition Defrauds The Country.

Vince Cable, pictured above appealing to heaven to save his tattered reputation, has been trying to defend the abysmal Royal Mail deal he has foisted on the country. The bottom line is that he and his Tory pals deliberately undervalued Royal Mail so their rich mates could make a killing and pass some of the stolen money on to the Tories and the Lib Dems in "donations". The banks who "advised" on the sales and promised they wouldn't buy the shares simply to flog them on for a nice profit did exactly that as fast as they could and pocketed a cool £750 million of taxpayers money in a single day. Vince's criminal boss, David Cameron, tried to come to the rescue by telling the country that the sale was "a good deal for the taxpayer" but failed to explain how losing three-quarters of a billion pounds could possibly described as "good" except in terms of public money being laundered by a criminal government intent on asset stripping the entire country. The Labour party is demanding Cable's immediate resignation but this hardly going far enough - both the Tory party and the Lib Dems should be hauled into court and prosecuted for fraud before they turn their malign attention to the privatisation of the NHS. These people are no better than common thieves hiding behind the threadbare alibi that privatisation is good for the country. Privatisation is nothing more than a scheme thought up by criminal bankers and criminal politicians to divert taxpayers money into their offshore tax free bank accounts. It inevitably leads to rip off prices, worse services and a loss of tax revenue and is deliberately designed to transfer money from the poor to the greedy, selfish and already far-too-wealthy. This is not a political principle it is a crime pure and simple.

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