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Friday, 4 April 2014

Yet Another Crooked Politician Gets Away With Stealing Public Money.

Maria Miller, the Tory MP for Basingstoke and Culture Secretary in the Coalition Government, bought a house in Wimbledon in 1995 for £234,000. By 2008 she had a mortgage on the property of £525,000. In other words in 13 years she had borrowed an extra £291,000 based on the increasing value of the property and pocketed the money while the taxpayer paid for the interest on the loan. Not content with this nice little earner she then "accidently" claimed for £44,000 more than she was actually paying on the mortgage and moved her parents into the house in breach of Parliamentary rules. To top this she then sold the property in February this year making a cool £1 million profit on the deal. After all this came to light she refused to cooperate with the Parliamentary Standards Committee, failing to "provide the commissioner with the substantive information and supporting documentation required." All this means that she used public money to pad out her bank account, lied to pad it out even further and then tried her best to hide what she had done. By any definition of the word this is blatant fraud and if you or I had done something similar we would now be facing a long prison sentence. Despite all this the Parliamentary Standards Committee failed to find any evidence of deliberate fraud and has chosen not to see what is obvious to the rest of us. Her "punishment", therefore, consists of paying back a measly £5,800 and apologising, not to us the taxpayer, but to her fellow crooks, spivs and wide boys in Parliament for being found out. Nor will she losing her job since, according to David Cameron, she is "doing a fantastic job" and has his "full support." Meanwhile "a source close to Maria Miller" is quoted as saying "It is not surprising that London houses go up in value well over a decade after they are first bought. It is also not unusual for people to move house." They might also have added "It is not surprising that yet another crooked politician has fleeced the taxpayer and got away with it."

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