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Friday, 25 April 2014

How The Unemployed Became "Entrepreneurs".

The Tory party's most successful scrounger, Iain Duncan Smith, has hailed the sudden increase in the numbers of the self-employed in Britain as the "result of the economic recovery this Government is delivering" and a "sign that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the UK.” In fact the increase is actually a reflection of the lack of paid employment in the country and the lack of any other choice for those being hounded by the DWP. 44% of the newly self-employed are actually in low paid, low skill occupations working for businesses that offer such arrangements, often actually zero-hour contracts, so they don't have to pay sickness benefits, holiday pay, overtime or national insurance contributions. Far from reflecting the "entrepreneurial spirit" of the British people, it is actually a reflection of the greed and selfishness of the already wealthy determined to increase their wealth at the expense of the already poor. IDS is willing to go even further than this, falsely claiming that the increase was a direct "reaction to benefit caps, changes in pension entitlements and rules surrounding access to in-work benefits.” In other words he is suggesting that these people were actually benefit cheats who have now been forced to reveal their real status to avoid prosecution. The Tories have now achieved their dream of reintroducing day contracts with workers forced to go cap in hand to potential employers and begging for a day's employment - a hand-to-mouth existence that the Tories think is all we deserve. It is the law of the jungle introduced by a political party whose philosophy is as primitive as it is absurd and self-defeating. Who in their right mind would believe that increasing poverty and insecurity is good for the economy and society at large?

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