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Friday, 11 April 2014

Cameron Teeters On The Brink Of Insanity.

First we had Michael Gove sending schools the King James version of the Bible. Then we had a delusional Iain Duncan Smith comparing himself to William Wilberforce. Now we have David Cameron claiming that his "Big Society" was originally trailed by Jesus while he, Cameron, is merely carrying out His wishes. Apart from the fact that Jesus was never recorded as regarding the poor as scroungers and deserving of their poverty, He also never advocated tax cuts for the rich either. Of course Cameron could be forgiven for telling a bunch of religious dingbats what they want to hear and provide them with an alibi for voting for the nastiest party in Britain. The problem is that it is quite likely that Cameron actually believes the rubbish he's been spouting. There is a worrying amount of religious cant seeping into British politics of late and it seems to be oozing across the Atlantic as the Tories attempt to ape those American smug fanatics known as the Tea Party. This movement has been striving to inculcate the ridiculous notion that an Aramaic-speaking first century Jewish Rabbi preaching resistance to Roman imperial domination and charity for the poor and disadvantaged was, in fact, a blond, blue-eyed Anglo-Saxon Christian preaching intolerance and punishment for those who neglect to amass large amounts of money. Politicians have, of course, subverted the principles claimed by Christianity even before Jesus was taken down from the Cross with varying degrees of success over the centuries and religion has enjoyed a somewhat limited resurgence in Britain over the last few decades. This has been to the advantage of the Tories whose irrational political beliefs are complimented by irrational religious beliefs. Undoubtedly some Tory madman will soon be claiming that Jesus was a monetarist who advocated "trickle-down" as the stairway to heaven. Thank God I'm an atheist myself!

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