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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Tories Continue To Demonise Those On Benefits.

There is only one thing more two-faced than a politician and that's a Tory politician. In order to underline the point the Tory party has very kindly furnished an outstanding example of just how low they can get. The Conservative party website is running a page devoted to getting the public's view "about the fairness of our benefit reforms" and has thoughtfully provided two questions for us to ponder. Question one asks; "Should benefits increase more than wages?" Question two asks; "Do you think it’s fair that people can claim more in benefits that the average family earns through going to work?" The only possible answer to either is, of course, "No" and, as such, they represent perfect examples of the loaded question. The Tories couldn't care less what the public thinks about the "fairness" of their benefit reforms. All they care about is providing themselves with an alibi for a policy that is cruel, mean-minded and entirely indefensible. Unable to convince themselves with their own lies they have turned to the public to provide the necessary sop for their lack of conscience. Even for a political party as grubby as the Tory party this plumbs new depths but, then again, no one has ever attempted before Cameron to chart just how low the Tories can stoop in their hate campaign against the British people. Now we know.

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