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Friday, 7 December 2012

Osborne Helps Himself To Yet More Taxpayers Money.

Tory tactics are now well established and consist of pointing an accusing finger at "scroungers" so ill-defined that anyone on benefits can discount himself and look to his neighbour. "The country is full of benefit scroungers," Osborne and Cameron tell us, "but I'm not talking about you, at least until after the next election." Then, while we are looking around at one another, the likes of Osborne are busily engaged in filling their pockets with our money. Our Chancellor has this technique of distraction, developed by pickpockets, off to a tee. While the rest of us are worried about bills, our jobs, our children's future and whether our neighbour is getting something for nothing, he is more concerned with how to get us to pay for a piece of land for him and his family through his expenses. The piece of land in question is a paddock attached to his former £1 million pound home - bought, of course, by you an me - which doesn't actually have a horse grazing on it. Obviously it was bought to increase the value of his property since Mr.Osborne doesn't actually own a horse while it's acquisition is difficult to defend on the basis that he needs it "to discharge his duties as an MP." Essentially this is legalised fraud - a trick that MP's have been playing on the rest of us since time immemorial and one that they fully intend to keep up for the foreseeable future. This is what Osborne means when he says that "we're all in it together" - we, up to our neck in debt and facing an uncertain future, Osborne and his Tory mates grabbing handfulls of public cash and planning a nice publicly funded retirement in the country. Osborne is right about one thing - the country is filled with scroungers and he is first in the queue when there's free cash in the offing. The message is clear - stop looking at each other and look at Osborne and his thieving pals.

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