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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Tories Plunder Education.

Michael Gove, the man who thinks that the slaughter of millions during Word War I was "a jolly good idea", has stolen up to £15 billion of public assets in the form of 3,000 schools and given them away to Tory party "donors". These schools are being subsidised by the taxpayer even as the new owners award themselves huge pay awards of up to £300,000 per year. These same owners are also awarding juicy and expensive contracts to the other companies they own stealing yet more public money while padding out their expense accounts with such items as 1st class rail travel and junkets to prestigious holiday destinations for "conferences." Worse yet many of them are transferring their profits to tax havens and avoiding paying any tax on the proceeds of their criminal activities. This is what the Tories mean by "private sector efficiency" as a bunch of crooks, conmen and spivs efficiently transfer taxpayers money into their own pockets, the whole process overseen by an equally criminal bunch of politicians gratefully pocketing "donations". As with all "privatisations" where publicly owned assets are given away to Tory corporate sharks who receive taxpayers money and then return some of that money as "donations", this is nothing more than money laundering on a staggering scale. Meanwhile George Osborne has splashed out £10,000 more in taxpayers money to Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (Rada) for acting lessons in order to boost his performance in Parliament and in the television studios. The official explanation for this is that Osborne is trying to improve his "communication skills" - in other words he is using taxpayers money to make his lies more believable. The Tory party has now morphed from a political party into a gang of confidence tricksters, stealing public money while distracting the rest of us with spurious tales about the need for austerity. They have taken greed and selfishness to new levels and are now plunging headlong into outright criminal activity.

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