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Friday, 24 January 2014

Police Demand Water Cannon To Control Protestestors.

The photograph above shows the sort of damage water cannons can inflict on the people they are turned on. Impressed by this Police chiefs in Britain have told the government that they need this weapon to contain the expected protests this summer at austerity measures. The fact that any government that needs to deploy such weapons to control the anger of its own citizens has lost all legitimacy does not impress the likes of Cameron and his Bullingdon bully boys one whit. To them we are dumb beasts who need to be threatened and beaten into submission since we refuse to believe their self-serving propaganda and accept their one-sided arguments that they need more while we should make do with less. As usual the Tories are employing their favourite tactic of blaming the victims of their vicious and nasty little fantasies, labelling any protest against them as "criminal behaviour." How does this differ from the Assad regime in Syria that labels any protest as "terrorism"? That the police in Britain would demand such weapons and use the threat of unrest because of austerity as a reason has forgotten the most basic principle of policing in this country - that it is entirely dependent on the willingness of the public to be policed. That the police believe they need to use such a thing in case of "situations of serious public disorder" demonstrates the depths to which this country has fallen when those paid to protect the public do not see that serious public disorder would not occur if we still had a fair and just society. Like the government in general they have forgotten that they are hired by us to do a job - they were not hired to beat us into submission.

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