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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Bread And Circuses.

While Channel Four is gleefully disseminating Tory propaganda by airing "Benefits Street", for the parasites presently infesting No.10 Downing Street it is business as usual. Having sneaked into government with the cooperation of a Lib Dem party newly converted to the principles of greed and selfishness, the Tories have managed to turn back the clock to the mid-19th century and forced millions into poverty in order to protect the interests of bankers, energy company executives and the undeserving rich. Their insane policy of austerity postponed the economic recovery in Britain by four years and has succeeded only in protecting the offshore bank accounts of the real parasites in this country - tax avoiders, expense account fiddlers, greedy landlords and the assorted criminal enterprises that support the Tory party with bribes for turning a blind eye. Meanwhile the Tories have seized public assets paid for by the taxpayer and handed them over for virtually nothing to their corporate pals in return for "donations" in a blatant money laundering scheme, destroying jobs and wrecking public services without regard for the interests of the country as a whole. The poor are being hounded and abused as payday loan companies thrive, food banks proliferate and homelessness increases at an exponential rate. Yet, as Europe tries to curb bankers bonuses and seeks to control speculators driving up the price of food, Cameron is threatening to leave the EU while George Osborne has tried every tactic to avoid regulation that would even slightly hurt the interests of the only people who count for anything in Britain - land owners and bankers. Without doubt this present government is the most corrupt, greedy and selfish collection of scum that have ever risen to the top of a very murky pond, but no government has ever plunged headlong with such glee into the realms of treason. They are betraying the country not to some foreign power or government, but to the international business interests of those who pay their real wages while we, like some latter day Roman mob, bay for the blood of the poor in an arena beamed via television into our living rooms.

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