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Saturday, 4 January 2014

How The Poor Are Subsidising The Greedy And Selfish Rich.

It is the on-going dilemma for the rich, greedy and selfish landlord in Britain today - "How can I get rid of my present tenant and replace them with some one I can squeeze more money out of?" For Fergus and Judith Wilson, two of the country's biggest and greediest landlords, the answer is to take the line provided for them by the Tory party and blame the victims. "Tenants on benefits are competing with eastern Europeans who came to the UK in 2005 and have built up a good enough credit record to rent privately," Mr Wilson told the Guardian. "We've found them to be a good category of tenant who don't default on the rent. With tenants on benefits the number of defaulters outnumbers the ones who pay on time. Single mothers on benefits have been displaced to the bottom of the pile; sympathy for this group is disappearing. There aren't enough places for people to live." So he has issued 200 eviction notices to tenants on benefits and is hoping that a influx of Romanians and Bulgarians will mean he can raise his rents and help him stuff his offshore bank accounts with more money. Taking the line thoughtfully provided for him by the Nasty party he would have us believe that the 200 he's evicting are single mothers who deserve to be thrown out on the street because of their sinful ways. They are more likely to be hard working people whose wages are so low that they have to claim benefits just to survive. But, as Mr.Wilson points out, its just business. And that's the problem. Social housing has ceased to be the responsibility of society in general and has been handed over to a greedy rentier class whose selfish pursuit of profit has warped both the housing market and, ultimately, the entire economy. Which is why pensioners will die from the cold this winter, young people have no future, prices are rising into the stratosphere and Osborne's much-vaunted "recovery" is confined almost entirely to the inflation of property values.

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